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Living Pure; Loving Others

Our Core Beliefs

The most common question posed to our church family is, "What does Pilgrim Holiness mean, and what do you believe compared to other churches?"  First, we believe the Holy Bible is the inspired, infallible, complete Word of God, and all of our doctrine and living is based on this precept.  Further, our core beliefs are in line with the original Wesleyan and Methodist Holiness church.

The basic beliefs of Christian holiness churches can be stated in "Four All's." That is: 

1. All people need to be saved. (Romans 3:23)
2. All people can be saved. (1 John 1:9)
3. All people can know they are saved. (Romans 8:16)
4. All people can be saved to the uttermost 

It is this fourth point that is a distinguishing point of our beliefs from some other Christian churches.  It is our interpretation of the Bible that God desires for his people to not only be forgiven of sins committed, but live free of sin in their continuing relationship with Him.  God consistently commands in the Bible to "Be holy as I am holy," and it is our desire to live as closely in God's character as humanly possible.  This is accomplished by studying God's Word to determine his standard of living and allowing the Holy Spirit to so fully infill one's life that all that is said and done is guided directly by God.  Provided below is a link to a more detailed outline of this Bible-based doctrine of loving God, living pure, and loving others.


In contrast to general perception, our beliefs do not include the 'gift of unknown tongues' as has become common in many churches which claim the name of holiness.  Our pastor or leaders would be happy to explain in detail our interpretation of the scriptures regarding this matter.

If you have further questions about our core beliefs or Biblical interpretation of specific issues, please feel free to contact any of our leadership team via the contacts provided on this site.  If you would like a personal appointment for a discussion, would like someone to pray with you, our just need someone to listen, our team always considers it our privilege to help in any way possible!

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